The Public School “CASIMIRO SAINZ” of MATAMOROSA is a center where students are enrolled students of a wide rural area of ​​the Comarca De Campo. The Center is located in Matamorosa, a town of about 2000 inhabitants, capital of the municipality of Campoo de Enmedio.

At present we have 150 students, in a line of Early Childhood and Primary Education (3 + 6). We have a modern and complete offer of services and teaching and complementary activities, well directed towards the needs of the students enrolled here.

We have been orienting the activity towards Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for several years now. It has been, and is, one of our hallmarks, as reflected in the Educational Project. This makes new technologies a priority in actions such as teacher training or the use of economic resources. And, what is even more important, in the integration of ICT in the classes from a double perspective: curricular and instrumental.

As the Director of the School, I am pleased to have been one of the promoters of this orientation but, much more, that the whole Center is involved in it, especially the teaching staff. We hope that our students, at the end of their educational process at the School, will have the added value of a technological training.

This web page is, therefore, somewhat consistent with the Center’s line. Until now we have had presence in several Internet pages, related to official programs in which we are integrated. From this moment, we have this website, more in line with our identity.

In addition, we intend to use this medium as a form of relationship and opening of the School to the Educational Community. Therefore, it has a part that we will update constantly.

On behalf of the Public School “CASIMIRO SAINZ” of Matamorosa, I welcome all the visitors, I thank them for having taken an interest in our Center and I encourage them to connect with us and make us arrive the contributions they deem appropriate. timely to do, with what we will improve this page.

Best regards
Emiliano Corral Gutiérrez
(School Director)